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100 1 _aThomas, Scarlett
245 1 0 _aMonkeys with typewriters :
_bhow to write fiction and unlock the secret power of stories /
_cScarlett Thomas.
260 _aEdinburgh, Scotland :
300 _a480 pages
_eillustrations ;
_c22 cm
336 _atext
337 _aunmediated
338 _avolume
504 _aIncludes bibliographical references.
505 0 _aTheory: Inside Plato's cave -- Going to bed with Aristotle -- Targedy and the complex plot -- How to turn a fairy tale into an equation -- The eight basic plots. Practice -- How to have ideas -- Styles of narration -- Characterisation -- Writing a good sentence -- Begining to write a novel.
520 0 _aA manual for reading and writing better that explores the great plots from Plato to The Matrix and Tolstoy to Toy Story. This manual shows you how you can learn to understand it well enough to crack open any fictional narrative, and, start creating your own. Have you ever had your heart broken, or broken someone else's heart? Have you ever won an argument but later realized you were wrong? Have you ever tripped in public or spilled wine on someone else's carpet? Have you ever tried to help someone who didn't want to be helped--or even someone who did? Have you ever been in trouble, big or small? Have you ever felt trapped? Have you ever gossiped, felt bad about it, and then found that you've been the subject of gossip yourself? Have you ever basically felt like a chimp in a pair of jeans, caught up in endless drama and with no idea of how the universe works? This is an ode to secret power of stories, and a guide to cracking those powers open.
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