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Episodic memory (Topical Term)

Preferred form: Episodic memory
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Work cat: Episodic memory, 2002: pp. 110-111 (Autobiographical memory refers, characteristically, to a person's recollection of past incidents and events, which occurred at a specific time and place. Episodic memory is a somewhat broader term, encompassing autobiographical memories as well as performance on certain learning tasks such as recall of a word-list. However, the term 'autobiographical' and 'episodic' are often used interchangeably)

Principles of cognitive neuroscience, 2008: p. 354 (Episodic memory refers to memory of events that an individual has experienced personally in a specific place and at a particular time ... In the laboratory, episodic memory is sometimes defined as memories created during the experiment, such as memory of a list of words participants were asked to study)

Neural plasticity (Online), June 4, 2013 v. 2008, article ID 258467, p. 2 (Current conceptions of episodic memory emphasize the temporal organization of sequences of events as they unfold over time and space. Representations of events are composed as associations between specific objects, actions, and the locations where they occur. Complete episodes are composed of unique sequences of events. ... In addition, episodic memory also relies on the capacity to distinguish event sequences that share common elements)

Cognitive neuroscience, 2000: p. 280 (Episodic memory refers to the capacity for recollecting happenings from the past, for remembering events that occurred in particular spatial and temporal contexts) (Episodic memory and semantic memory are two types of declarative memory)

Colman, A.M. A dictionary of psychology, 2006 (episodic memory -- A type of long-term memory for personal experiences and events ... . Such knowledge is characteristically stored as information about specific experiences and events occurring at particular times and places, and it affords a sense of personal continuity and familiarity with the past)

International Society for Brain Electromagnetic Topography. World Congress (15th : 2004 : Urayasu shi, Japan). Frontiers in human brain topography, 2004: pp. 306-307 (Within episodic memory, a type of memory for events and issues strongly related to oneself is called autobiographical memory. It relies on complex interactions between episodic memory contents, associated emotions and a sense of self-continuity in the time course of one's life history)

Corsini, R.J. The dictionary of psychology, 1999 (episodic memory --- Past experiences or specific events that may be as far back as early life available for reminiscences. Also known as autobiographical memory)]

Here are entered works on specific remembered personal events or experiences that occurred at particular times and places. Works on remembered psychological history, personal experiences, and autobiographical details discussed collectively are entered under Autobiographical memory.

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