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Bundo, Marlon (Rabbit) (Personal Name)

Preferred form: Bundo, Marlon (Rabbit)
Used for/see from:
  • Marlon Bundo (Rabbit)
  • Bunny, of the United States (Rabbit)
  • BOTUS (Rabbit)

Bundo, Marlon (Rabbit). A day in the life of Marlon Bundo, 2018: title page (written by Marlon Bundo with Jill Twiss) unnumbered page 7 (my family calls me BOTUS; it's short for "Bunny of the United States") book jacket (Marlon Bundo is a bunny who lives at the Naval Observatory; he recently relocated to Washington, D.C. from his home in Indiana)

Wikipedia, April 29, 2018 (Marlon Bundo, also known as Bunny of the United States (BOTUS), is a rabbit belonging to the family of 48th and current Vice President of the United States Mike Pence; sex: male; born: 2012/2013 Chicago; Bundo is the main character in two children's books: Marlon Bundo's A Day in the Life of the Vice President; A Day in the Life of Marlon Bundo)

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