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Political fiction (Genre/Form Term)

Preferred form: Political fiction
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Scheingold, S.A. The political novel, 2010: p. 1 (novels of political estrangement shift attention from political actors and institutions to the general public--ordinary people whose agency has been appropriated by autocratic regimes, by bureaucratic institutions; this shift is from what politics do for people to what they do to people)

Wikipedia, Nov. 3, 2012 (political fiction: a subgenre of fiction that deals with political affairs to provide commentary on political events, systems and theories; works of political fiction often directly criticize an existing society or present an alternative, sometimes fantastic, reality; political fiction frequently employs the literary modes of satire, often in the genres of utopian and dystopian fiction)

WorldCat genres, Nov. 3, 2012 (political fiction: used for fictional works that feature the political environment including candidates and elections)

Goodreads, Nov. 15, 2012 (4062 works tagged with term political-fiction)

Fiction that features the political milieu.