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Graphic novels (Genre/Form Term)

Preferred form: Graphic novels
Used for/see from:
  • Comic book novels
  • Graphic albums
  • Graphic novellas
  • Novellas, Graphic
  • Novels, Comic book
  • Novels, Graphic
See also:

Fletcher-Spear, K. Library collections for teens : manga and graphic novels, c2011: p. 4 (A graphic novel is a book-length narrative, of any genre, for any audience, which uses sequential art, either by itself or in combination with text elements, in order to tell a story.)

Lyga, A.A.W. Graphic novels in your media center, 2004: p. 17 (GN: An abbreviation for graphic novel. A typical abbreviation in the industry for graphic novel, usually used as part of a title to indicate to a reader or browser that the title in question is not a periodical.)

Goldsmith, F. The readers' advisory guide to graphic novels, 2010: p. 3 (The graphic novel, as a narrative publication, can be found on the continuum of sequential art that also comprises comic strips, comic books, and Latin American fotonovelas.)

LCSH, Oct. 22, 2014 (Graphic novels. UF Comic book novels; Graphic albums; Graphic novellas)

Book-length narratives of any genre that consist of sequential art, either by itself or in combination with text.