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Sustainability (Topical Term)

Preferred form: Sustainability
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  • Sustainability science
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Work cat.: Langzeitverantwortung, c2008: cover p. 4 (long-term responsibility is a key concept in the discussion about sustainability ("Langzeitverantwortung ist ein Schlüsselbegriff in der Diskussion um Nachhaltigkeit"))

Wikipedia, Jan. 15, 2009 (Sustainability, in a broad sense, is the capacity of maintaining a certain process or state. It is now most frequently used in connection with biological and human systems.)

EPA Web site, Jan. 14, 2009: sustainability page (Sustainability means "meeting the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs." "We have a responsibility to sustain - if not enhance - our natural environment and our nation's economy for future generations." -Steve Johnson, Administrator, U.S. EPA)

Ehrenfeld, John. Sustainability by design, 2008: jkt., p. ii (Sustainability is the possibility that humans and other life will flourish on Earth forever)

Here are entered works on the use of ecosystems and their resources in a manner that satisfies current needs while allowing them to persist for the use of future generations.