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Tuvalu (Geographic Name)

Preferred form: Tuvalu
Used for/see from:
  • Тувалу
  • Tubalu
  • Twfalw
  • Tʼoobááloo
  • Τουβαλού
  • Touvalou
  • Tuvalo
  • État des Tuvalu
  • Tubhalu
  • Тувалмудин Орн
  • Tuvalmudin Orn
  • 투발루
  • Túvalúeyjar
  • טובאלו
  • Tubaru
  • ツバル
  • Tsubaru
  • Tuwaluu
  • Tuvaru
  • Tuwalu
  • Tuvaluäns
  • Tufalu
  • 圖瓦盧

Non-Latin script references not evaluated.

Yrbk. of the Commonwealth, 1977 (info. ref.) p. 572 (On October 1975 the Ellice Islands were established as a separate dependency called Tuvalu, ending the joint administration [with the Gilbert Islands] which began in 1892)

Phone call to BGN, 4/25/70 (Tuvalu, a independent political entity at 8°0ʹS 178°0ʹE)

The statesman's year-book, 1995-1996: p. 1293 (Tuvalu; formerly the Ellice Islands in the Gilbert and Ellice Islands; separated from the Gilbert Islands in Oct. 1975; independence on 1 Oct. 1978)

Wikipedia, October 31, 2014 (Tuvalu, formerly known as the Ellice Islands, is a Polynesian island nation located in the Pacific Ocean; independence from the United Kingdom 1 October 1978) Belarusian page (Тувалу = Tuvalu) Bikol Central page (Tubalu) Welsh page (Twfalw) Navajo page (Tʼoobááloo) Greek page (Τουβαλού = Touvalou) Esperanto page (Tuvalo) French page (Tuvalu; État des Tuvalu) Scottish Gaelic page (Tubhalu) Kalmyk page (Тувалмудин Орн = Tuvalmudin Orn) Korean page (투발루 = T'ubalu) Icelandic page (Túvalúeyjar) Hebrew page (טובאלו = Tuvalu) Haitian page (Touvalou) Nauruan page (Tubaru) Japanese page (ツバル = Tsubaru) Norfuk/Pitkern page (Tuwaluu) Tahitian page (Tuvaru) Quechua page (Tuwalu) Uyghur page (Tuwalu [in roman]) Volapük page (Tuvaluäns) Yoruba page (Tufalu) Chinese page (圖瓦盧 = Tuwalu)