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Jünger, Ernst, 1895-1998 (Personal Name)

Preferred form: Jünger, Ernst, 1895-1998
Used for/see from:
  • Юнгер, Эрнст, 1895-1998
  • I͡Unger, Ėrnst, 1895-1998

Non-Latin script references not evaluated.

In Stahlgewittern, aus dem Tagebuch eines Stosstruppführers, 1922.

Ernst Jünger, 1998: jkt. (b. 1895; d. 1998)

Semʹdesi͡at minulo, 1965-1970, 2011: t.p. (Ėrnst I͡Unger)

Google, September 26, 2012 (b. March 19, 1895; d. February 17, 1998)

Eumeswil, 2015: ECIP t.p. (Ernst Jünger) data view ((b. 1895; d. 998) born in Heidelberg; he served in the German Army during World War I; his war memoir, Storm of Steel, offers a gripping account of his experiences; he was an outspoken conservative critic of the Weimar Republic; in 1939, Jünger's novel On the Marble Cliffs provided an allegorical critique of Hitler's regime; considered one of the most controversial writers of twentieth-century Germany, Jünger received many literary prizes)