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Topical Term:
used for/see from:
Departments, Government
Government departments
see also:
Tōrangapū (Broader heading)
Kaitōrangapū (Narrower heading)
Kōwhiringa pōti (Narrower heading)
Pāremata (Narrower heading)
Tiriti o Waitangi (Narrower heading)
Details Topical Term 75 biblios
Topical Term:
Ture Kāwanatanga
used for/see from:
Constitutional law
Law, Constitutional
see also:
Ture kaupapa (Broader heading)
Details Topical Term 0 biblios
Topical Term:
Ture o te Kāwanatanga
used for/see from:
Public law
see also:
Ture (Broader heading)
Kōmihana a te Karauna (Narrower heading)
Tāke (Narrower heading)
Ture kaupapa (Narrower heading)
Details Topical Term 8 biblios