Barrow, Shirley-Joy, 1951-

Mission in the city : hopes and dreams : my story / Shirley-Joy Barrow. - 228 pages : illustrations ; 23 cm

Read these powerful stories of Christian social service in Whanganui, New Zealand Journey with servant minister Shirley-Joy Barrow as she shares her inspiring story of being City Missioner in Whanganui from 2004 to 2011. Working together, her team found that they could achieve much more than their individual skills and capabilities led them to expect. They developed effective ways to respond to the people on the margins of society that they served. This social history also includes many personal stories of the people served by the Mission and those who worked for it. Importantly, Shirley-Joy reflects on the lessons she learned during the conflict with the governing board that brought her tenure as missioner to an end.

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Barrow, Shirley-Joy, 1951-

City missions--New Zealand.