Khan, M. A.,

Jihad : blood and slavery, from Muhammad to ISIS / M.A. Khan. - 441 pages : illustrations ; 25 cm

"Based on rich historical documentation and a meticulous investigation of the Koran (Quran) and prophetic tradition (Hadith and Seerah), this ground-breaking book explains the origins of Islamic Jihad and its progress over the centuries in respect of the forced conversion of defeated 'infidels,' the enslavement of non-Muslims and the never-ending drive for the establishment of an imperial Islamic rule globally. Jihad is both the instrument of this universal expansionist goal of Islam and the inspiration for the systematic acts of terrorism that are being directed against innocent people - in both the Islamic world and the West. This is a 'must read' for those who want to understand the driving force that motivates Muslim fanatics to perpetrate indiscriminate violence and murder, to revive slavery in the 21st century, and to destroy priceless, ancient non-Muslim structures and artefacts in the name of a primitive 7th century ideology that is hard to change because of the rigidity of the Koran and sharia law. Much of the historical material in this book is largely unknown and greatly needed. In bringing it to the attention of Western readers so thoroughly and so clearly, the author has not only written a masterpiece but has also performed a priceless service for mankind."--

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Terrorism--Religious aspects--Islam.
Islamic fundamentalism.