Star Trek psychology : the mental frontier / edited by Travis Langley ; foreword by Chris Gore. - xviii, 309 pages : illustrations ; 23 cm - Popular culture psychology series .

Includes bibliographical references and index.

Launch time. Why we go / Clay Routledge ; Bullies, heroes, and the bystander directive / Travis Langley ; Quests and questions / Travis Langley and Jenna Busch ; Child of two worlds / Elizabeth Kus and Alan Kistler -- Inner worlds. The trek through identity / Eric D. Wesselmann and J. Scott Jordan ; Emotion data / Janina Scarlet ; Gene Roddenberry saw the future / Frank Gaskill ; Right brains, left brains, and the brains in the middle / Craig Pohlman -- Warped drives. What happened to mental illness by the 23rd century? / Steven Schlozman ; Holodeck therapy / Patrick O'Connor and Chris Day ; Starfleet and military psychology / Jenna Busch and Janina Scarlet ; Terror management / Wind Goodfriend -- Federation. The captain's seat / Billy San Juan and Travis Langley ; Four quadrants, many life forms / W. Blake Erickson and John C. Blanchar ; The authoritative captain / Scott Allison and Jim Beggan ; The logic of friendship / Jay Scarlet -- Others. The needs of the man / Colt J. Blunt ; Imagination, creativity and aliens / Jim Davies ; The measure of a machine / Anthony Francis and Jim Davies ; Chatting with Chekov on stereotypes and role models / Travis Langley and Jenna Busch -- Final word: engage!

The next entry in Sterling's pop culture psychology series features 20 essays and an exclusive interview with Rod Roddenberry--son of Star Trek creator Gene Roddenberry. In a fun and accessible way, Star Trek Psychology delves deep into the psyches of the show's well-known and beloved characters.

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